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Blog Blasts SEIU

As we mentioned earlier, small local unions are often more responsive to members’ needs than are large unions — in particular, it seems, SEIU. A blog called FloridaSEIU has done a good job collecting some of the internal conflicts brought about by SEIU’s dominating central leaders. Below are a few links worth clicking through.

Where’s the Trust in 1985’s Georgia?

As you may have heard, Local 1985 has been placed in an emergency trusteeship by the International Union to protect Local 1985 members and ensure you have the best possible representation. The action was taken because of reliable reports that Local 1985 was experiencing a serious financial crisis and lack of adequate financial controls.

Trouble in California:

As we all know, SEIU is reorganizing it’s locals in California, as it has already done all over the country. Many members of the Los Angeles based Local 347 are unhappy with this. “When you mess with our union, you mess with our jobs”, is the message that is floating around various worksites. We feel that by creating larger unions, that the “local” is being taken out of the union and the ability to expect fair, responsive representation will be limited …

Andy Stern and SEIU have underestimated us. The only way to preserve our Local and fight this reorganization is through “Union”. This group is being set up for the members of Local 347 and all of it’s affiliates. We also welcome all of our brothers and sisters in other locals who are being affected by this. Together, through “union”, we hope to defeat this reorganization, which could jeopardize, our jobs, our benefits, retirements, and livelyhood. Our only chance is to UNITE.

… And More Trouble in California:

We are members of the California State Employees Association CSEA), affiliated with the SEIU as Local 1000, who are not satisfied with the lack of service Unit 11 members are receiving from our union.

That’s all for this post, but there’s likely no end to the criticism of SEIU’s practices by its own membership.

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