Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

UFCW’s Wal-Mart Shakedown is Bullsh*t

Got an extra half-hour? If so, you might want to watch the latest episode of Penn and Teller’s popular show “Bullsh*t.” This week’s episode debunks the UFCW’s disingenuous corporate campaign against Wal-Mart.

Penn explains why the UFCW is so hell-bent on trapping Wal-Mart 1.3 million associates in a union: money.

$296 million, to be precise. Check out minute 21 for the explanation.

Warning: This show is filled with profanity and even some nudity (we’re not sure what that has to do with unions or Wal-Mart, but you might want to avoid minute 25). Viewer discretion is advised.

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