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The Best Council (Union) Money Can Buy?

Angered by Mayor Richard Daley’s veto of the economically moronic “Big Box Living Wage,” unions are back to prove Chicago is their kind of town. Now one business group is saying union bosses tried to use their members’ money as a battle ax to intimidate Chicago’s City Council. The Chicago Sun-Times picks up the story today:

Organized labor sent a “message of intimidation” to the City Council by pumping more than $1 million into just five aldermanic races — with some challengers receiving 100 percent of their campaign contributions from unions, a business group charged Tuesday.

Of course, SEIU was a leading spender. A review of campaign finance records is certainly interesting:

It showed that organized labor contributed $1.02 million to challengers in five wards and that the beneficiaries relied almost exclusively on union money. They were 3rd Ward challenger Pat Dowell ($147,000 or two-thirds of all contributions); 12th Ward candidate Carina Sanchez ($171,000 or 96 percent); 15th Ward candidate Toni Foulkes ($250,000 or 100 percent); 16th Ward challenger Joann Thompson ($248,000 or 100 percent); and 21st Ward challenger Leroy Jones Jr. ($210,000 or 96 percent).

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