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Prosecutors Eye Union-Backed ACORN (Again)

We’ve discussed before the union-backed group ACORN, which has been tied to voter fraud in more than a dozen states in recent years. Some, however, refuse to see the forest for the ACORN-befouled trees. The group’s non-profit voter-registration arm has published its own study to create a definition of voter fraud that ACORN can weasel out of. And a holier-than-thou New York Times editorial suggested that voter fraud is purely imaginary.

News from this weekend suggests that systematic voter fraud is fact, not myth. The Times reports that one of the federal prosecutors mired in a political mess failed to investigate ACORN in an a meaningful way for its repeated (and galling) shenanigans in New Mexico.

Of more interest is the investigation into ACORN’s activities in Washington State. Citing “significant irregularities,” a King County prosecutor confirmed for The Seattle Times Thursday that his office would brief their federal counterparts “regarding evidence that hundreds of voter-registration cards submitted in King County were forged.”

Consider this from The Seattle Times:

Controversy has plagued ACORN’s 2006 voter-registration efforts in Seattle. The group submitted thousands of registration cards after a deadline in October. The King County Elections Office determined that the group had failed to submit new registration cards once a week as required by law. Some of the cards submitted on Oct. 9 had been signed as early as Sept. 23.

Perhaps we should all click our heels three times and repeat with The New York Times, “there’s no such thing as voter fraud, there’s no such thing as voter fraud …”

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