Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

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  • The Employee Rights Act

    Posted on Dec 13, 2011 by Team

    Today the Center for Union Facts launches a multi-million dollar campaign educating Americans about the need for labor law reform. [youtube][/youtube] It’s been more than 50 years since Congress overhauled America’s labor laws. During the following decades we’ve witnessed a workplace revolution that has fostered innovation, opportunity, and flexibility for America’s 150 million member strong […]

  • Does UFCW Hate God?

    Posted on Apr 02, 2007 by Team

    Using the name of God to push a political agenda is by no means new — and by no means acceptable to most people. Yet some fairly callous and desperate officials within the United Food and Commercial Workers union have increasingly been using cheap allusions to God to hock their wares. This weekend it was […]

  • Union Leaders’ European Vacation

    Posted on Mar 16, 2007 by Team

    Pop quiz: You lead a union of employees at a company facing a string of humiliations and setbacks, including significant financial hurdles to your competitiveness. What do you do? If you’re the union bosses representing Airbus employees, you make matters worse. The Associated Press reported: Unions said members at the company’s French and German plants […]

  • Star-Ledger Column: We Need to Think Different About Teachers Unions

    Posted on Mar 04, 2007 by Team

    Our website,, isn’t the only place highlighting Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ observation last month “that what is wrong with our schools in this nation is that they have become unionized in the worst possible way.” Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine picked up on the story: Jobs’ comments shocked the leaders of the teacher unions. […]