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  • Teachers Unions Help Keep IL Schools Sick

    Posted on Oct 29, 2007 by Jon Berry

    Hard-charging investigative reporter Scott Reeder has done it again. Last seen documenting the hidden costs of teacher tenure, Reeder has just published the findings of another months-long investigation into how Illinois schools are rigged in favor of protecting bad teachers. As usual, teachers unions share the blame. One example is that of teacher Derek Babcock, […]

  • What Happens When Unions Stop Being Polite, and Start Getting Real (Irresponsible)?

    Posted on Oct 28, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    Down in North Carolina, the United Food and Commercial Workers union officials have been up to some strange things. They say they want to unionize a bunch of employees who work for Smithfield Foods, but the union guys won’t let the workers vote on whether they want to join the union. This morning, the local […]

  • Edwards Pushes EFCA Again

    Posted on Oct 26, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    The Caucus, the political blog of The New York Times, notes that former Sen. John Edwards keeps making grand promises to union officials in hopes of landing their lucre: And in a nod to unions, whom he has courted with varying success, he said he intends to ban the permanent replacement of striking workers and […]

  • ACORN Worker Sentenced for False Voter Registrations

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    In Washington State, another reminder that the union-funded group known as ACORN keeps bumping up against legal trouble during elections. A man will get 30 days of detention for submitting false voter registrations, and: Olson was one of seven workers for a 2006 voter-registration drive conducted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, […]

  • Allow Us to Retort, With the Facts

    Posted on Oct 25, 2007 by Bret Jacobson

    We were criticized recently for pointing out that a government official accused of stealing public employee money was also hired by AFSCME — a union for public employees. Even though they mention it, the AFL-CIO seems to have downplayed the importance of this part of the story: And troubles may not be over for Torrecillas […]

  • Politicians’ Illegal Intervention?

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    From Washington State comes a story that could be told from any community in America: Several Democratic legislators may have violated state ethics laws when they signed a letter scolding a private nonprofit mental-health-care provider for using “hostile” and “anti-union” bargaining tactics in recent contract talks. The letter, which was sent this month to the […]

  • Ads from the Land Down Under

    Posted on by Bret Jacobson

    Dave Weigel at Reason has this great ad up on Hit & Run (and we thank him for a kind head-nod on our own ads):