Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: Hit the Ice

Puck to Drop on Lockout-Shortened NHL Season

The Associated Press reports that the National Hockey League and the Player’s Association have reached an agreement that will get players back on the ice for a 48-50 game season. This marks the end of one of the longest lockouts of the past year. One notable exception is the American Crystal Sugar lockout, which is still ongoing.

Splitting a Twinkie in Two (or More)

The Twinkie may yet live. The union-destroyed Hostess may soon disclose that it has two initial bidders that will likely split the company’s assets. One of the potential buyers, Grupo Bimbo, is a Mexican company that may move production south of the border. Sorry, Bakers’ Union: BCTGM was wrong and CUF was right.

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