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Teamsters Employee Allegedly Embezzles with a Side of Hypocrisy

An interesting item crossed the wires: Politico reports that the Teamsters Union’s court-appointed Independent Review Board (IRB) filed a subpoena for some Uber transportation account records.

Court records show that the IRB believes that a Teamsters headquarters employee (who makes six figures in total compensation, according to DOL filings) was using the union’s credit card for personal expenses, including Uber rides across D.C. A court filing asserts that the suspected employee still has access to the union credit card.

This is more than just the typical union petty corruption story: This story also contains a nice helping of hypocrisy, given that at least some of the alleged embezzled money was spent on rides with ridesharing company Uber.

The Teamsters, which has organized taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. into an alt-labor organizing force (taxicab drivers are usually independent contractors who cannot unionize under the National Labor Relations Act), has waged a campaign to cripple Uber in the nation’s capital, suing to block rules governing Uber and similar “ridesharing” services. If those rules are stopped, the Teamster official wouldn’t be the only Washingtonian losing Uber privileges: The service would shut down, ensuring the Teamster-represented taxicabs got their monopoly back.

Of course, the public doesn’t want that—and apparently, at least one Uber-using Teamsters official doesn’t either. This latest example of apparent union employee self-dealing just highlights how unpopular this union’s particular political agenda happens to be.

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