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OUR Walmart Leans Forward with Few Employees

UFCWgifOn Friday, masses of Americans will storm shopping centers looking for deals. We can also confidently predict that the vast majority of hourly associates at Wal-Mart will not walk out on their shifts. Even MSNBC, the liberal-leaning news organ that gives an hour of primetime to United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 75 (among many other unions) funded commentator Ed Schultz, recognizes that the so-called strikes are more left-wing agitation than labor action.

In an article on, Ned Resnikoff reports that OUR Walmart hasn’t predicted large scale employee turnout. Instead, they’re suggesting that the agitators will be just more liberal activists:

But a protest—which doesn’t even necessarily include current Walmart employees—isn’t the same thing as a strike. Indeed, the organization has been downplaying the number of strikers, and instead emphasizing the support it enjoys from organizations like Color of Change and

We’ve boldly predicted that the protests will go nowhere. Our Managing Director told the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The idea that there’s this mass uprising of Walmart employees trying to unionize the stores when they can’t get more than 500 of them to actually turn out is ridiculous — just an absolute joke.

When even liberal outlets are pushing the narrative of “strikes” as bog-standard left-wing activism rather than grassroots organizing, it’s a safe bet that these protests will fizzle.

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