Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: 2-11-13

Cincinnati Enquirer: Voices: US labor unions face stacked deck
A union organizer argues that employees should only hear one side of the story: his.

Los Angeles Times: Ports face labor discord
The costly strike that ended in December is now at risk of starting again.

Washington Examiner: Study: Transparency in collective bargaining could save taxpayers $50 billion
A Goldwater Institute report reveals that only seven states mandate open negotiations for public sector unions.

Milawuke-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin’s ‘union’ label fading fast
The tale of the tape in the wake of Wisconsin’s Act 10 shows organized labor in dire straits.

Stowe Reporter: Vermont bill is a mockery of fairness
A Vermont teacher explains why paying a “fair share,” involuntarily, is actually unfair.

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