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Full-Page Ad: AFL-CIO Prez Disgusted By UAW Corruption

Today, the Center for Union Facts took out a full-page ad in the Chattanooga Times Free Press highlighting a recent quote from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler regarding corruption at the United Auto Workers: “I am disgusted.”

In an interview this past week, Shuler revealed that the AFL-CIO “had internally discussed severing ties with the UAW” as a result of the years-long corruption scandal at the union. A federal investigation found more than a dozen officials — including two former union presidents — guilty of embezzlement and other gross misuse of members’ dues dollars.

Another spokesperson attempted to walk Shuler’s comment back by saying the AFL-CIO is “proud to have the UAW as an affiliate.” But Shuler’s quote says it loud and clear: The corruption scandal at the UAW was bad enough to make the AFL-CIO want to cut ties with the union.

Ford Motors and lawmakers in Tennessee should need no further proof that auto workers deserve a secret ballot vote to decide whether they want to be represented by a union with such a repulsive track record.

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