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CUF Calls for Secret Ballot Vote at Tennessee Ford Plant

This week, as state lawmakers return to the Tennessee Capitol, the Center for Union Facts is launching the next phase of its public education campaign to keep United Auto Workers’ corruption out of Tennessee.

The campaign includes five digital billboards and a full-page ad in the Tennessean that highlights a new statewide Engine Insights poll of 1,000 Tennesseans.

The billboards — which are located near the state capitol in Nashville, Tennessee — feature three different messages.

  • The first states that “11 UAW officials were found guilty of corruption” in the federal investigation into wrongdoing at the union. 
  • The second calls on Tennesseans, especially legislators returning to Nashville, to keep UAW corruption out of the state. 
  • The third billboard highlights recent polling commissioned by CUF that found 2 out of 3 Tennesseans think Ford workers should have a secret ballot vote to decide whether they want to be represented by the UAW. 
The full-page ad mirrors the recent polling data, stating that “UAW corruption has no place in Memphis.” 

The majority of Tennesseans agree: employees at the forthcoming Ford auto plant deserve a secret ballot vote. It’s the fair and democratic way for workers to have their voices heard, especially regarding a union that still has a long way to go to rid its ranks of corruption.
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