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Strike Fear into Children Any Halloween with CUF’s Randi Mask

Readers of the Halloween edition of the New York Post who needed a last-minute costume got a gift from us—a mask of “the scariest union leader in America.” And whose mug was available for hole-punching? There were a few choices we could have made: a former AFT local treasurer accused of sex crimes; the Fazio family, former UFCW bosses whose bid to overturn their racketeering convictions was recently denied in federal appeals court; or the former Ironworkers Local 401 “leaders” facing charges for allegedly burning a Quaker meetinghouse in Philadelphia.

But these alleged local crooks aren’t nearly as scary as the woman who unjustly controls much of America’s education policy: American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. You can see our ad below:


While Randi isn’t facing charges, America’s children are in the clutches of her radical union that puts a cushy status quo for ineffective teachers ahead of students’ education. Until Randi comes around and supports necessary educational reforms—recent polling shows that even 90 percent of Americans who support teachers unions also support reforms—our students will continue to fall behind those in Estonia, Vietnam, and Lativa. With our future in her union’s hands, we all should be very, very, scared.

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