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What Do “Associate Voices” Have to Say About Working at Wal-Mart?

In an effort to try to fluff up its Astroturf campaign against the world’s largest retailer, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) front group OUR Walmart has a “grassroots” “Associate Voices” page. Here are some sample comments that Wal-Mart employees have left on the site. Many complain about particular managers or difficulty getting hours, but some might not be too happy if UFCW were to organize the stores. (Grammar is retained from originals; parenthetical commentary is ours.)

First off they need to change there power hungry assistant managers including the AP, then let the younger management team make some changes to there departments, then let all the slow cashiers that never want to go anywhere, release them from there duties as a cashier. The store manager needs to let the ZMS’S run there departments. Giving a butt load of notes to everyone does not make everything run right. – Casey, Utah Store #5235 (Firing slow-working cashiers? UFCW might not stand for that.)


They need to actually get rid of the bad ones (managers, too) instead of letting them stay in the position they are doing badly at. […] Nothing is worse than hearing some lazy associate got the same or more than the one busting the work out. –Anonymous, North Carolina Store #5254


For them to stop screwing over the hard workers and giving everything to the people who can’t do their job. – Bee, Oregon Store #4221 (Teachers unions like UFCW’s comrades in the AFL-CIO the American Federation of Teachers have fought merit-based pay almost everywhere it has been introduced.)


Obamacare has caused my hours to be cut. Time for Obama to fix the mess he created – dan, Virginia Store #3219 (Wait until employees are paying for UFCW’s highly partisan Democratic political program with dues money!)


Alot of the people complaining are the lazy asses who walk around on there cell phones and not working or calling in sick all the time…if its so bad why aint you at vons or Albertsons ohh yeah I forgot they screwed their workers who were union….keep that in mind and walmart pays the mandatory minimum as every other company but your not complaining about them…people always want more for less well I was raised that hard work pays off and it has im being promoted to department manager my hard work and not missing work payed off try it people,,,give your job the same attention and effort and you may succeed… – will, California Store #2951 (“Solidarity” typically means seniority-based, not merit-based, promotions.)


My store is really great, can’t really think of anything! – Jennifer, California Store #1563 (Paying forced dues to the UFCW  might not be “really great.”)

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