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News Roundup: Griffin’s Legal Woes Not Going Away

WSJ Calls for Explanation on IUOE/Griffin Lawsuit

As we detailed yesterday, National Labor Relations Board member Richard Griffin, who never went through a Senate hearing prior to his “recess” appointment to the NLRB, is a defendant in a civil suit involving the union he used to legally represent. The story is gaining some serious steam: The Wall Street Journal editorial board is now calling for some pro-active action by Griffin:

As a lawyer, Mr. Griffin was an officer of the court with legal obligations beyond his union duties. At the very least, he should respond to the charges in the complaint and publicly explain everything he knew about the events that led to his role in terminating these employees.

Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO Teaming Up?

In what seems like an unholy alliance, Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said that his organization is teaming up with Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO to work on immigration reform. The Chamber outlined its 2013 agenda but has yet to name specific legislation that both groups would support—if such a thing exists.

Rumor Mill Churns on Solis Replacement at DOL

With Hilda Solis’s recent resignation as Secretary of Labor, commentators are starting to speculate about possible replacements. New Hampshire media outlets want Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, while David Macaray, writing at the Huffington Post, considers former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, and Donald Fehr of the NHL Players Association as potential Obama picks. We recommend someone who won’t unduly favor unions, unlike the outgoing Solis.

Union President Proposes Medieval Punishment for Political Foe

On Wednesday, we reported that Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teachers Union recalled the days where labor leaders shouted “off with their heads.” Labor leaders in Toledo favor similarly archaic forms of incapacitation. The Toledo Blade reports that Dennis Duffey, secretary-treasurer of the Ohio State Building Construction Trades Council, said that City Council President Joe McNamara should be ‘removed, tarred and feathered, or de-nutted.” How charming.

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