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McCaskill: Card-check won’t come up

According to Michael O’Brien over at The Hill:

Controversial “card-check” legislation won’t come up in the Senate this year, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said Wednesday.

McCaskill said that while senators were still negotiating the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a controversial bill to reform union organizing rules, it was unlikely to even include the actual “card-check” provision itself, which has been the subject of heavy fire from conservatives and business groups.

“I don’t think that card-check is going to come up,” McCaskill said during a weekly conference call with Missouri journalists. “It has not come up, and believe me: If card-check, the way it was drafted, was going to come up, it probably would have come up early in 2009, as opposed to now.”

“Timing issues” regarding jobs and health care legislation, a list of Democrats with issues on the bill, and the elections this fall, are just a few of the reasons listed as to why Employee Free Choice Act will not see the light of day–on the Hill, that is.

New regulations pouring out of the National Labor Regulations Board– excuse me–the National Labor Relations Board is of huge concern, as the labor movement looks to fill the EFCA-sized, Andy Stern-shaped hole in their hearts.

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