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Editorial Round Up On EFCA

A couple of anti-EFCA editorials to share today.

Investor’s  Business Daily: “Son of Card Check”

But this doesn’t mean congressional Democrats have given up on passing out gifts to the unions that help elect them.

New legislation would contain a provision from the earlier bill requiring federal arbitrators to set the terms of the initial contract if labor and management can’t agree on a deal three months after a union is certified. Based on Washington’s history of pro-union bias, chances are good rulings will favor organized labor.

In addition, lawmakers are likely to attach language instituting quicker elections, giving businesses less time to show workers what they’d be getting into, and drop the standard needed to call an election from a simple majority of workers signing cards to 30%.

It’s possible the bill could include, as well, a rule that forces employers to grant labor organizers access to company property.

The Daily News Record (VA): “Re-Wrapping Card Check”

So by agreeing to eliminate the “card-check” component of the legislation, thereby preserving the secret ballot in union elections, liberal proponents of the egregiously misnamed Employee Free Choice Act have given up the ghost, or cried “Uncle,” right?

Not by a long shot. They’re merely taking a different tack to attain their dubious and job-killing ends. This stinkeroo has simply been re-packaged. Many of the bill’s noxious elements remain. Others have been added.

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