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More On SEIU And Its Favorite Bank

I’ve written about the the SEIU’s organizing efforts against Bank of America on several occasions. The union has led protests against the bank, alleging that the bank has unfair lending practices, unfair executive compensation, and well, just generally the bank’s unfair! Of course the SEIU glosses over the fact that it took out $88 million in loans from Bank of America. But hypocrisy has never stopped the SEIU.

Charlie Gasparino has a good piece about the SEIU and Bank of America in which he explains clearly why the SEIU is protesting Bank of America:

Somehow, it’s a little difficult to believe that the SEIU’s main goal is the recovery of the financial system.

And I have some trouble seeing how being a bank teller is akin to working at a sweat shop. My dad was a union wire lather (a form of iron worker), a job where men risked their lives on the job nearly every day. He nearly lost his leg in one accident, and suffered a near life-threatening concussion in another.

Maybe the bank tellers are standing up too long at their job? Then again, bank tellers have been standing up at their job for hundreds of years by now.

The simple truth is that the SEIU wants to add more dues-paying members, no matter what their job may be. And what easier way than to put pressure and organize employees of a major bank already subject to the whims of the White House and Treasury Department?

Why not use this crisis — with banks dependent on the government, and Big Labor’s friends in charge in Washington — to enlarge the rolls?

“These guys want to organize, plain and simple,” one senior Bank of America official told me. “And they want to use us as a launching pad to expand their reach to other banks that accepted bailout money.”

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