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More Bank of America Hypocrisy From SEIU

The SEIU continues its bravado of hypocrisy with more plans to protest against Bank of America and its lending practices. The union is leading complaints by liberal interest groups that Bank of America encouraged its employees to inundate consumers with debt and enroll them in high-fee programs. It’s particularly amusing to see the SEIU display so much concern:

“One of the core parts of the economic collapse is a business model that encourages too much risk or short-term profit over long-term stability,” said Stephen Lerner, who runs the financial reform project for the Service Employees International Union, which is coordinating the effort.

Funny, that business model that “encourages too much risk or short-term profit over long-term stability” seemed perfectly acceptable to borrow $88 million from. Yes, recall that the SEIU took out $88 million in loans from Bank of America.

The SEIU can feign all the concern in the world, but what it’s really interested in is attempting to publicly shame and humiliate Bank of America so that it can organize its employees.

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