Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

GM Debacle Reveals “Brutal Lesson About Labor In U.S.”

Saul Anuzis has an op-ed today in the Detroit Free Press decrying labor’s negative effects on the auto industry and the American economy as a whole.

Anuzis places the bulk of the blame on the “irrational and irresponsible demands made by UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger, former UAW chief Frank Garrison, and the union leaders that came before them.”

Anuzis then steps back to look at the bigger picture to warn against labor wanting to pass Employee ‘Forced Choice Act (EFCA):

All of this serves as a sobering reminder of how power-hungry union leaders – still at work trying to elevate their interests above those of employees and employers – pose a major threat to other industries. Currently being considered in Congress is a bill that would decimate small businesses throughout the nation while lining Big Labor’s pockets. The Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) provides no real free choice to workers or employers, but does ensure both union bosses and their mismanaged pension programs are rewarded and subsidized.

Under EFCA, a worker’s right to a secret ballot vote during union elections would vanish as would a businesses right to determine the wages and benefits of its employees. Leaders on both sides of the political spectrum have decried EFCA as an unnecessary risk to the American economy and a step back in our democracy.

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