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CO Senator Michael Bennet Still Neutral On EFCA

michael_bennet_711The Denver Post reports on how Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is still “neutral” on EFCA:

Bennet is one of six Democratic senators who have not announced how they will vote on EFCA, which would allow employees to effectively dispense with a secret ballot in union elections and require binding arbitration if business owners and their employees can’t reach agreement on a contract, components that will make organizing workplaces much easier.

This indecision has placed him in the middle of an intense lobbying campaign from both sides:

By taking a neutral stance on EFCA, Bennet had hoped to defuse an issue that has the power to deeply alienate either business or labor, two key constituencies whose support he’ll need in his 2010 election campaign.

But as the events around the meeting last week suggest, Bennet’s effort to stay out of a fight has instead put him smack in the middle of one, making him the focus of a massive lobbying effort and requiring an enormous amount of energy on the part of both the lawmaker and his staff to control.

I expect both sides to continue to vigorously campaign and lobby Bennet on the issue. With Senator Harkin’s claim that he will bring EFCA to the Senate floor in July, Bennet will have to make up his mind soon.

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