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Video: AFL-CIO secretly behind “Business Leaders for a Fair Economy”


At a meeting held a few weeks ago, AFL-CIO Organizing Director Stewart Acuff told (see the video above) a panel that the AFL-CIO would announce a group of businesses that support the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act. The “group,” called “Business Leaders for a Fair Economy,” launched yesterday.

The union front group claims to have 1,000 businesses, yet it only lists 189 organizations, and only in the source code of its website. Many of the so-called “businesses” are actually non-profit organizations, labor union front groups, and even a few companies that don’t even exist. Of the actual businesses on the list, many provide services to labor unions, or are already unionized (and would love it if their competitors were unionized).

The group’s chairman is Roger Smith, president of American Life Insurance Co., which insures 9 million union member (more members through EFCA means more business for him). Diana Ortiz, President and CEO of Ortiz Enterprises, Ortiz Accounting and Tax Services, and apparently Ortiz Catering (headquarters pictured below), is on its advisory committee.

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