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Statement on Union Intimidation Study

Today, J. Justin Wilson, Managing Director for the Center for Union Facts released the following statement about Kate Broffenbrenner’s study of employer behavior in union organizing drives.

“Once again, former union organizer Kate Brofenbrenner reheats the results of the same biased, decade old survey of union organizers that has been debunked countless times,” said J. Justin Wilson, Managing Director of the Center for Union Facts. “In fact, her own analysis of data from the National Labor Relations Board completely undermines the results from her prejudiced made-for-release survey.

“If you look at the raw data, the number of unfair labor practices by employers in 2008 is no more dramatic or noteworthy than they have ever been. Only 4% of the allegations against employers that “wages or benefits would be altered” were upheld or settled. Only 2% of the harassment charges were upheld or settled. While it would advance Brofenbrenner’s agenda to make this problem seem bigger than it is, the facts don’t back up her claims.”

“Policy makers should trust the National Labor Relations Board’s own data, not opinions from paid union organizers,” Wilson concluded.

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