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Labor Open To Primary Challenge For Sen. Blanche Lincoln

lincoln11Despite talks of potential compromises, labor’s support for EFCA has not waned. This is evident by their recent activity to pressure Senators facing re-election in 2010. In Arkansas, the AFL-CIO has openly discussed running a possible challenger to Senator Blanche Lincoln if she continues to disappoint them on labor issues, especially EFCA.

According to Arkansas AFL-CIO President Alan Hughes, Lincoln’s chances of facing a union-backed primary challenger hinges upon her support for EFCA. Hughes didn’t hold back, saying “the doors are open at that time” for the unions to become involved.

Labor’s open threats to incumbent members of Congress are a signal that they do not plan to give up on the EFCA fight anytime soon. It’s clear that if labor can’t browbeat a Senator into voting their way, they have little qualms with resorting to political retaliation.

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