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Obama’s Billionaire Backers Not Keen On EFCA

Three prominent Chicago billionaires who backed President Obama in the election oppose EFCA because it would make it easier for unions to organize hotels they own.

Penny Pritzker, a global director for the Hyatt who actually served as Obama’s campaign finance chairwoman, told the President that she opposes EFCA. Pritzker was in charge of Obama’s fundraising operations that raised over $745 million for the election and $53 million for the inauguration.Obama even asked Pritzker to serve on his Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Neil Bluhm, founder of the private equity firm Walton Street Capital, opposes card check as well. Bluhm has notable hotel investments in the glamorous end of Chicago like the Drake, Ritz-Carlton, and Four Seasons. Bluhm was also a prominent bundler for the Obama campaign, raising over $160,000.

Lester Crown, chairman of Henry Crown & Co. also opposes EFCA. Crown, along with the rest of his famiy, were prominent financial supporters of Obama. Crown himself contributed the maximum $4,600 in the 2008 cycle. Despite his support for Obama, Crown opposes eliminating the secret ballot.  According to Crown, voting in a secret ballot election is “an American prerogative and shouldn’t be overturned.” Crown goes on to say that, “the recommended legislation [EFCA] is absolutely the wrong thing to do.”

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