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News Roundup: SCOTUS upholds ruling against UNITE HERE

The Supreme Court upheld a ruling by a lower court that UNITE HERE violated the privacy of thousands of Cintas employees by illegally obtaining license plate numbers. Why was UNITE HERE getting this information? To try “to force Cintas to give up its employees’ rights to a secret ballot election procedure for deciding on union representation.”

Once again, it shows the law-breaking extremes that unions will go to in order to unionize. Just imagine if there was no more secret ballot protection. It would be open season for unions.

Politico has a transcript of the UNITE HERE hearing this week in a federal district court. HERE is trying to split off from UNITE and both parties are fighting over the assets.

The Daily Camera (CO) has an editorial that generally is favorable to EFCA but singles out the unfair card check provision. Even general EFCA supporters recognize how unfair card check is to workers.

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