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News Roundup: Union Money, Gang of 14?

A disturbing quote from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review this weekend:

CLOUDS ON THE HORIZON? Speaking of Specter, a source with the National Right to Work Committee said the senator was “quite pleased with himself” over the effusive reaction he got from those opposed to the card-check legislation.

The source fears the possibility that Specter could become part of a new “Gang of 14” bipartisan group of lawmakers that could result in the Employee Free Choice Act and a stronger arbitration provision resurfacing.

A story in the South Dakota newspaper The Daily Republic highlights claims that Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin’s (D-SD) support for EFCA is tied to union donations to her. Apparently, Herseth Sandlin lists unions as her #2 contributor and received over $1 million from labor-related PACs.

There are probably many more cases like this one among Congressmen and women. With unions having such deep pockets and spending so much money on politics, what Congressmen would want to risk turning off the cash spigot by opposing EFCA? After all, Feinstein is the already the target of protesters for simply stating concerns about EFCA.

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