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News Roundup: The West Wing, ECON 101

Martin Sheen and other actors from “The West Wing” are coming to D.C. to show support for EFCA.

It is telling that unions had to turn to a fictitious president and his fictitious staff rather than garnering any visible support from the real President of the United States. The actors support is appropriate however, since the Employee Free Choice Act is built on the fictitious belief that employers routinely fire pro-union employees (they don’t), and the equally fictitious argument that the bill would not effectively eliminate employees right to a secret ballot election.

This is just another case of EFCA supporters having one standard for themselves and another that they want to force on the rest of the country. As you might remember, Rep. George Miller and other EFCA supporters in Congress sent a letter to the Mexican Government urging them to use secret ballots in union organizing campaigns to prevent intimidation.

House minority leader Boehner writes in an op-ed that “Republicans will accept no compromises on this issue and have no false sense of security.” Let’s hope so.

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal prints an excerpt from a classic economics book stating that the belief that labor unions raise wages is one of the “great delusions of the present age.”

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