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News Roundup: WSJ Hits back, A Far More Dangerous Phase, Dem. Gov Opposed to EFCA

The Wall Street Journal responds to ARAW’s blatant twisting of the Journal’s March 20th editorial: “These guys must really be desperate.” We couldn’t have put it better.

Also in the WSJ, Kimberley Strassel writes that “the business community just moved into a far more dangerous phase.” Definitely a piece worth reading and passing along to anyone who is thinking about letting the guard down. The challenge will be continuing to keep a united front in opposition, when the temptation will be to take the easier, “moderate” road and sign onto a compromise that writes away worker freedoms.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Tennessee, a Democrat, says he is opposed to EFCA and alludes to this costing him a cabinet post.

In a follow up to yesterday’s news, a U.S. Rep from Wisconsin questioned the claim from a local business leader that EFCA stalled a project that would have created 800 jobs.

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