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Union Watchdog Group Criticizes Backers of the Employee Forced Choice Act

Group Calls on Legislators to Oppose Bill that Would Effectively Eliminate the Secret Ballot and Cost Countless Jobs

Today, the Employee Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) criticized the legislators who are putting forth the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a bill which would effectively eliminate private voting in union organizing elections. EFCA is a blatant power grab being pushed by union leaders looking to make it easier to add dues paying members at the expense of employee privacy. The bill is to be introduced at a press conference this afternoon.

Earlier this month a poll showed that 82% of Americans do not want their job to be unionized, which demonstrates that there is no national appetite for legislation to dramatically change the organization process in the unions’ favor. In addition, a new study out last week by Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar showed that in the first year after the implementation of EFCA, this job killer would cost the nation 600,000 full-time employees and permanently shrink the number of working Americans.

These facts are clear to the 100 editorial boards across the country who have opposed this undemocratic legislation, in stark contrast to the paltry three that have supported it. Even the former Democratic Party Presidential nominee, Sen. George McGovern (D-SD), has vocally opposed this legislation, saying that EFCA “cannot be justified.”

“These legislators should respect the overwhelming majority of Americans who support retaining the secret ballot and have no interest in joining a union,” said Employee Freedom Action Committee Executive Director Rick Berman. “They should be ashamed for backing legislation that will not only strip employees of their right to a secret ballot, but will cost the nation over a half million jobs, and force innumerable Americans into a union against their will.”

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