Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: Union negotiations all across the country

The California budget battle rages on.  SEIU members are offered special protection from the layoffs.

SEIU’s own staff isn’t getting special treatment in regard to internal layoffs.

GM prepares a 900 page restructuring plan. “But G.M.’s plan to shrink its way to profitability will not mean much without an agreement with the U.A.W.”

A new poll reveals America’s disagreement with EFCA:

Voters who are currently aware of the Employee Free Choice Act oppose it.

Of the 19% who have seen, read or heard something about the Employee Free Choice Act, almost half (49%) say they oppose the measure, while just one in three (33%) support it. Almost one in five (18%) say they are undecided.

A majority of both Republicans (76%) and Independents (50%) oppose the Act, while a little more than half of Democrats (54%) support it.

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