Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

What does this have to do with education? Oh, right, nothing.

A new analysis of the National Education Association’s 2007-2008 annual report has shed new light on where its members’ dues are going: left-wing politics. The always-excellent Education Intelligence Agency produced this list of groups that received $11.7 million in NEA political largesse last year. Despite the diverse political and personal beliefs of the NEA’s membership, their money overwhelmingly goes to support partisan causes such as Democratic Party politicians, pro-abortion advocates, and everyone’s favorite voter-fraud-implicated activist group, ACORN.

A few highlights from the list (the whole thing is worth a read):

ACORN – $178,000

AFL-CIO – $190,588

Democratic GAIN – $10,000

Democratic Leadership Council – $45,000

Denver 2008 Convention Planning Committee – $1,000,000

National Conference of Democratic Mayors – $7,500

New Democratic Network – $25,000

Planned Parenthood – $5,000

Progressive Future Action Center – $315,000

SEIU – $5,000

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