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Musgrove Makes A Talkradio Blunder

Listen to the Musgrove Blunder!!!

U.S. Senate candidate Ronnie Musgrove is openly flouting Mississippi’s right to work principles by supporting a bill that would strip workers of their fundamental right to a private ballot vote on the job. Musgrove has publicly endorsed the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) that can force more workers into unions without a vote and collect more dues.

Recently on Paul Gallo’s “Supertalk Mississippi” radio show, former Gov. Musgrove again pledged his support for EFCA and erroneously stated that workers will still have an option for a private ballot when considering union representation under the new law. This is untrue. Only the union organizers have the option to choose an election if EFCA becomes law, not individual employees. It’s an option no union organizer would ever choose if they want to keep their own jobs.

Ronnie Musgrove has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from labor unions and pledged to support a bill he clearly doesn’t understand. The repercussions to Mississippi’s economy and the potential job loss to our citizens could be severe if EFCA becomes law. Candidates who support EFCA don’t support manufacturing jobs and industries in Mississippi.

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