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Mark Udall’s Opponent Bob Schaffer Weighs in on EFCA

YouTube has provided a forum and an excellent study in contrasts for the Employee Free Choice Act.  Where Mark Udall ignores the fact that the Employee Free Choice Act will remove the private ballot from union elections, his opponent Bob Schaffer makes it clear that he is in favor of private ballots for workers who are deciding whether to join a union.


In his video, Udall discusses completely unrelated topics of higher tuition, higher gas prices, and more expensive health care, none of which will be affected in the SLIGHTEST by EFCA legislation.  The Employee Free Choice Act deals with the basic American freedom of a private ballot, labor law minutia, and the delicate relationship between workers, business, and labor interests.  Udall has managed to skirt these realities throughout the campaign, instead resorting to platitudes such as “I support workers” that do not address this destructive legislation.  Coloradans for Employee Freedom will continue to press Udall until he pledges to do the right thing by supporting American workers’ right to private ballot voting…  

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