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Manchester Union Leader Takes Notice of Card Check Intimidation on Labor Day

In Monday’s Manchester Union Leader, the editorial page has taken note of the Employee Free Choice Act, which they call an “Orwellian-named proposal [that] would actually remove free choice from the unionization decision.”  The writer cuts to the heart of the issue when he writes:

The act would allow shops to unionize by “card check.” That is, it would allow organizers to form unions by collecting signatures of employees face-to-face. Gone would be the protection of secrecy. Employees’ choices would suddenly be public, not private, and therefore subject to retaliation and intimidation.

This is anti-democratic and un-American. And yet, if Democrats gain stronger majorities in Congress, it might become law very soon. The party is pushing this bill at the behest of unions that have funneled money and votes to Democrats precisely for the purpose of getting this kind of anti-employee legislation passed.

As more people hear the truth about the Employee Free Choice Act, editorials like this will probably become much more common.  The supporters of the EFCA hold an untenable position, and now that they are being challenged on it they have no response.

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