Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Louisianians for Employee Freedom Are “News Makers” in North Louisiana


The Employee Free Choice Act is becoming a hot issue in Louisiana. The Shreveport area CBS affiliate, KSLA-TV is taking notice and invited Louisianans for Employee Freedom on their “News Makers” segment to discuss EFCA and the impact it will have on Louisiana workers if it passes.

Steering Committee Chairman Mark Zeldon sat down with “News Maker” Host Pat Simon to talk about the harmful effects EFCA will have in the workplace citing intimidation at work and at home, which will result in workers becoming less-likely to vote their true opinion.

Mark Zeldon explains how before the National Labor Relations Act of 1935—which provided the private ballot election—union workers were manipulative and abusive when attempting to convince employees to unionize. However, once the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 was passed, the abuses committed by the labor unions ceased. The Employee Free Choice Act effectively eliminates the private ballot election, allowing for history to repeat itself.

Zeldon points out that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu—who co-sponsored the bill—says she supports the bill because it allows for a fair process. But as history has shown and labor union’s willingness to do anything to obtain a larger part of the workforce, the act will prove fatal to the workforce. The current process, as Zeldon has clarified, is a fair and good process for collective bargaining. Senator Landrieu must have misread or failed to read the bill she is co-sponsoring because it is neither a fair nor democratic process. 

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