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Congressman Udall Pledges Continued Support For Unpopular Employee Free Choice Act

The Employee Free Choice Act continues to gain attention in Colorado, with a new article over the weekend from the Denver Post discussing arch-liberal George McGovern’s opposition to the bill.

If a lifelong proponent of organized labor like McGovern is against a bill supported by labor interests, it is surely bad for workers and should be in no danger of passing into law, right?  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Mark Udall and a majority of his fellow Democrats in Congress, whose party coincidentally receive 97% of all labor union politcal donations, have pledged to support the bill.  In fact, they have been wholeheartedly behind the bill since trying to sneak it through the Congress in the first 100 days of the newly elected Demorcrat majority in spring of 2007.

The following is a statement from Udall’s camp in the Denver Post article:

Taylor West, campaign spokeswoman for Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall, said her boss isn’t backing down from his support for EFCA, and reiterated his pledge to vote for the bill next year regardless of who’s in the White House.

West continues:

“This isn’t a perfect piece of legislation, but it is a way to make sure workers can join together and negotiate for the health care and benefits they deserve.”

This legislation is not only imperfect, but is shortsighted and seeks to solve a problem that does not exist. EFCA would allow them to trick and intimidate a whole new generation of workers into their membership.   

Mark Udall is shamelessly following the orders of Big Labor and the Democrat establishment on this one.  After all, how can he blindly continue to support legislation his own camp admits is flawed?  Removing the private ballot from union elections is not supported by George McGovern, is not supported by Coloradans, and is not in line with the American ideals that potential United States Senators should be committed to upholding…

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