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“You will never ask Carol Shea-Porter a Question”

This report comes from a volunteer for Granite Staters for Employee Freedom:

Crazy story – today I attended the Rochester NHDP office opening. I stood there quietly with my video camera off and in my pocket, and didn’t say a word throughout the entire event. When things wrapped up, I took out my camera and went towards Representative Carol Shea-Porter. Her staff told me I had to step outside or they’d call the police. Before doing this, they told me I had to turn off my camera or she wouldn’t speak to me, so I did. We stepped outside – the office is their private property and I respect that – and I told the staffer (I think the New Hampshire Democratic Party communications director) that I wanted to ask my representative a question about why she supports card check voting over private ballots. The staffer said, “While I’m around, you will never ask Carol Shea-Porter a question.” I said, “So you’re telling me that I can’t ask my representative a question?” “Never.” She replied.

So again, it seems that the Democrats of New Hampshire are so afraid of discussing their untenable position on the EFCA that they are willing to threaten and coerce their own constituents.

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