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Who Supports Al Franken?

Minnesota Senate candidate and supporter of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act Al Franken released his second quarter fundraising numbers yesterday. The release made this boast:

In total, over 104,000 individuals – including almost 18,000 Minnesotans – have helped the campaign raise more than $11 million with an average contribution of just $64. In the second quarter alone, 11,015 new people joined the campaign’s grassroots donor base. Overall, the campaign received contributions from 4,600 Minnesota donors this quarter.

Let me get this straight: Al Franken is running for the Senate to represent Minnesota citizens, yet only 17% of his overall donors are actually from Minnesota and less than half of his new donors for this fundraising quarter are from the state?

Al Franken is beholden to someone, but it certainly isn’t hardworking Minnesotans.

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