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Tink Fills His Tank With Special Interest Money

Congressional Candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg (MN-6) is making the usual end-of-quarter pitch to raise more money for his campaign. As of this morning he was only a few thousand dollars short of his goal. It’s a safe bet that union special interests have gone a long way toward helping him meet his fundraising goals.

What 6th district voters need to know is, how much of Mr. Tinklenberg’s take is from his Big Labor friends who are no doubt motivated by his support of EFCA? At the end of the March 31 fundraising period, union special interests had already pumped a whopping $71,000 into Tinklenberg’s coffers. That was before he was even his party’s nominee.

Now that a staggering 27 different unions have endorsed Tinklenberg’s campaign, one can only wonder how many big money campaign contributions have filled his coffers. It’s clear that when it comes to the private ballot for workers, labor’s money, rather than the views of 95% of Minnesotans, is winning out.

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