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Labor Union Bosses Own Oregon after Election

The Oregonian reports that union bosses put their money down on the table and bought Oregon this primary season:

Organized labor — public employee unions in particular — spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and uncounted volunteer hours on Oregon’s May 20 primary elections.

It all paid off. . .

Yet in a recent newsletter to members, AFL-CIO leaders boasted about “the most aggressive pro-union election effort in any Oregon primary election. . . . One hundred percent of our endorsed candidates celebrated victory.”

Republicans, who have seen their stock in Oregon politics plunge to historic lows, say labor has become the dominant force in Democratic politics.                                                                                                                                                    

“It’s disturbing how powerful the public employee unions have become in recent years,” said Vance Day, chairman of the state Republican Party. “Here’s a group that literally rolls over every opposition candidate within a certain party.”

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