Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Construction Terrorized by PLO PLA?

Wanted to pass on this note we saw from the Merit Construction Alliance, which is a New England-area group aimed at fending off construction union attacks on non-union companies:

A Springfield construction labor union is attempting to divert attention from the increased costs and illegality of placing Project Labor Agreements on city school construction by making unsubstantiated claims about protecting residents and battling big business.  It is an absolute and substantiated fact that Project Labor Agreements limit competition and therefore increase the cost of construction.

“Stopping PLAs is about protecting taxpayers from a fleecing by labor unions. It’s a proven fact that PLAs raise the cost of construction and soak taxpayers so politicians can line the coffers of labor unions,” said Ronald Cogliano, Executive Director of the Merit Construction Alliance. “The labor unions should be explaining why they are afraid to compete in fair and open bidding with non-union contractors and to let the lowest responsible bidder win and work, fair and square.”

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