Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Who Will Blog for the Teamsters?

There was much ado, for a moment, when news broke that far-lefty bloggers were talking with Teamsters officials about getting out the union bosses’ propaganda. Campaigns and Elections has the story, and we were happy to help out with some thoughts:

“This is just the latest sign that the labor movement is feeling weak and looking for any allies it can get,” said Bret Jacobson, a senior research analyst at the Center for Union Facts, a conservative antiunion group. “The real underlying reason for this is that union officials are having a tough time creating alliances with moderates, so they have to join forces with radicals like those in the blogging community.”

One stumbling block to this burgeoning political alliance could be their discord on issues like oil drilling in the Arctic. While both groups say they agree more often than not, it is far from a match made in heaven.

“Just announcing a grand alliance,” Jacobson said, “doesn’t make it workable.”

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