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Teamsters Dig Up Pay Dirt on Teachers Union Exec

In an unusual turn for a union typically associated with truck drivers (and corruption), a Las Vegas local of the Teamsters union is attempting to take over collective bargaining responsibilities from the Clark County Education Association — the county teachers union.

Amid a lot of hype from the Teamsters comes one striking statistic: In the 2004 tax year, CCEA executive director John Jasonek larded his $134,706 teachers union salary with another $129,043 from the union’s “Community Foundation.”

Thing is, Jasonek only reported working 12 hours a week for the foundation. That’s a pretty sweet gig. When confronted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal about his apparent low-show job, Jasonek brushed off the idea that he only works 12 hours a week for the foundation, saying, “I don’t know where that number comes from.” In an interview with Las Vegas CityLife, however, he didn’t dispute the number: “It’s like working a part-time job at Subway.”

What’s the real story behind Jasonek’s fat paycheck from the union’s “Community Foundation”? And where do we sign up to get a $200-an-hour job at Subway?

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