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Teamsters, Ten Years On …

Ten years ago today:

A federal official threw out the contentious Teamsters election because of alleged campaign fund-raising abuses, forcing union President Ron Carey into another race against James P. Hoffa. 

Most people don’t remember how this scheme worked. The short answer: Carey’s team sent union member money out to “get out the vote” groups for the country’s presidential campaign, which then laundered money back to his internal union re-election campaign.

Bonus: one of the groups involved is the ACORN-run “Project Vote,” which continues to run into alleged voter registration fraud all over the map.

Double bonus, from Wikipedia: “In 2007, Ron Carey was researching and writing a book based on his experiences. He is critical of the policies of his successor, Hoffa, particulary centralization of authority, business-model organizing, and the restoration of multiple salaries for IBT officials.”