Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Caregivers Give SEIU the What-For

While SEIU leaders are taking their members in the patient care sector out on strike, it’s worth hearing from employees who are currently being pitched the union’s services. Two letters to the editor of a California paper tell the story.

The first letter decries “the unbelievable garbage” the union was spewing “to try and get new paying members.” It concludes:

It’s also a crying shame that the union sent over some hired representatives to the hospital cafeterias at both hospitals and were disruptive to those who were taking their lunch break or to the families of patients who were trying to relax from visiting their loved ones.

For as many people who are in favor of the union at the hospital, and that is their right, there are more people in the hospital who are totally against it – like myself.

A second letter from a caregiver says “I am absolutely offended that SEIU states that we are providing poor patient care at our facilities” and adds:

I ask readers to consider this: Since when did having unions in a hospital setting improve patient care? Let’s take a look at Martin Luther King Jr. Harbor Medical Center. SEIU represents the employees of King-Harbor and they are now being permanently closed due to extremely poor patient care and failure to meet the national safety patient standards.