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Is the Senate Voting (N)yet on EFCA?

So it looks like union bosses and their political allies are trying to get the Soviet-liciously misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” to a vote in the Senate next week (come to think of it, we may well do something to alert the public). But for now, check out a great piece in The New York Sun by Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor.

She makes an interesting link to the “card check” style of organizing, which would allow only the union to tell its side of the story to employees when they are deciding whether to join the union, and the old Soviet style of democracy:

The Soviet Union, before its unlamented demise, proclaimed that it held fair and open elections. But only one candidate, the party’s candidate, ran. No one dared vote “nyet” because the local politburo watched each voter to make sure that malcontents would not be around to vote in the next election. This Orwellian watching of how others vote belongs and should remain on the dust heap of history.

How strange it is that 47 senators, themselves elected in the privacy of the voting booth, would seek to deny such a basic right to the American worker. These senators, including New York’s Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, have received extraordinarily bad advice.

Read the whole thing. Now!

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