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Union-Funded ACORN Can’t Hide Fraud

Labor allies are doing everything they can to deny that voter fraud existed in the last election (including writing “reports” and driving friendly-but-misleading media stories). Why? Because the labor-backed ACORN was again tied to voter fraud; the group is an embarassment for hiring lawbreakers with union member money. Well, once again, the facts don’t support the union-ACORN denial. Another former ACORN employee has pleaded guilty to voter registration fraud.

From The Kansas City Star:

A former voter registration worker for a community organization pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to filing false paperwork with the Kansas City election board.

Carmen R. Davis, 38, was charged in January with committing voter registration fraud and identity theft before the November elections.

The charges against her and three other former ACORN workers have become a national issue. Some allege that the indictments are part of a political effort to suppress minority voter turnout.

Interim U.S. Attorney Bradley Schlozman brought the charges less than a week before the election. Prosecutors later dropped charges against one defendant, whose identity had been stolen by the actual culprit, they said. Davis subsequently was indicted.

Earlier this week, Dale D. Franklin, who pleaded guilty in February to filing false voter registrations, received probation. Brian Gardner pleaded guilty in March and is awaiting sentencing. Kwaim A. Stenson is set for trial in July.

As a refresher:

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