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The Myth of Union Voting Under EFCA

One of the most offensive talking points union officials and their allies parrot when pushing their anti-democratic agenda to end secret ballot votes for working Americans is to say that passage of the grossly misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” would still allow for employees to vote. With rare and virtually meaningless exceptions, that is nonsense. Over at EFCA Updates, they dispatch the myth quickly and concisely:

Of course, Ms. Lund is absolutely correct in pointing out that NLRB secret ballot elections would not be banned or eliminated under the proposed legislation. But it is misleading for Ms. Lund and others to suggest that “workers” would be able to choose that option. That leaves one with the impression that any worker can go to the NLRB and have the matter put to a secret vote. The reality is that the holder of the authorization cards — the union — would be the only party with an option. And, having spent tens of millions of dollars on legislation requiring card-check recognition, it is hard to imagine that a petition for a secret ballot election would be anything but a last resort for any union organizer.

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