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Dems Making No Amends on Card Check

Democrats swept into power by the dues money extracted from union members aren’t straying from labor leaders’ leashes. In return for the campaign contributions, politicians are expected to support efforts to end secret ballot elections for employees deciding to join a union. But if the union-favored bill is just about improving life for employees, as union bosses claim, why are they blocking amendments that would help all employees?

Over at, Chuck Muth has questions. It’s puzzling as to why politicians would fight amendments to:

  • Require union bosses to return a signed authorization card within five days of an employee’s request
  • Prevent collecting dues or fees without verifying the legal status of an employee
  • Subject union bosses to the same penalties for unfair labor practices, such as intimidation, as those that would be placed on employers
  • Create a “do not call list” allowing employees to avoid union harassment during card check campaigns
  • Prevent an employee from being required to join the union or pay fees as a condition of employment

Chuck Muth has the questions. I doubt most politicians will have any answers.

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